Omg I Freaking Love PJ This gif though.......☺ Doctor Who Addicts ! - I tried to watch Sherlock the other day.

Doctor Who Addicts !

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I live in Texas, and no, not the cowboy part, but the hipster part. When I like something I usually obsess over it, none more than Doctor who. But among others here are some of my other favorite things, --

Sherlock, Supernatural,
TBBT, Buffy the vampire slayer, Mpgis, Dan and Phil, Daily Grace, KickthePJ, Franz Ferdinand, Late Nite Reading, One Direction, Louis Tomlinson and Welcome to Night Vale

I have recently tried to post more things other than doctor who because I think that my followers are getting bored. If you ever want to know anything about me, or just want to talk, just send me and ask, I get really excited when I do get them (:
And my favorite Tumblr user is Jakemalik! I've been stalking him just cuz he's great.

I tried to watch Sherlock the other day.

I was about to click play, and my computer crashed….. I took it as a sign.

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